Frequently Asked Questions

Your wedding photographer is a very important person since this person will be responsible for documenting your engagement, bridals & wedding day. Although the Personality of your wedding photographer should be appealing the Processes of your wedding photographer will have the greatest impact on how well your wedding day and every session before the big day is captured.


I can’t decide how much coverage I need for my wedding day.

The amount of coverage you’ll want will depend on the schedule of your day, as well, what you would like captured.  It is best to get our services reserved first (with a deposit) for your wedding day so we don’t take any other bookings.  Simply choose the minimum hours you think you will need and we can adjust the package as needed. We are not shooting any other weddings on your day so we can make sure we are there for whatever you need!


Are all the photos you take on my wedding day included in my package? Will I be able to reproduce these photos? Or do you retain the ‘rights’?

In a wedding day we capture between 1000 and 2000 images. All these images will be delivered in your package. 

All the files on your Wedding Package are full resolution and you will have full rights to reproduce them or do whatever you like with them. You can bring them to any printer in your home town to do anything you choose (printing, albums, Thank you cards, canvas prints, Facebook…. anything!).


Are you our ideal client?

Our ideal clients are people who love photography! They appreciate the art of what a fantastic photographer can bring to their wedding day and it is one of the most important things they are looking for!!!

They want to have fun… and supply a fantastic, let’s-try-anything attitude to the wedding day. They’re looking for unusual and “out of the box” photography and want a photographer who isn’t afraid to get wet and get a little crazy with them to capture a once in a life time image!


How long does it take to process our Wedding Photography package? When can we expect to receive it?

Our normal processing time for each package is about 4 - 6 weeks. This time is used to digitally enhance your photos. We look through every single photograph to be sure they are  enhanced to their full potential. This estimate is dependent upon the amount of weddings we are covering around the same date as yours. In high season when we get 10+ bookings/month, delivery times are 6 to 8 weeks. If for any reason we are not able to delivery your package to you in 8 weeks we will be in contact with you but this is a very rare occasion - very rare !!!!


Do you ‘touch up’ my Wedding Photos?

All your images go through multiple passes before they are sent to you! We first choose the best images for your package. Then we start to expose each picture for the correct lighting and color balance. Another pass is made to apply any effects such as Black/White or Sepia effects that you have seen in our images making them magazine quality! Your pictures are processed again to correct skin tone and remove minor blemishes and lines. The last pass is done to remove unwanted objects and minor Photoshoping to perfect each and every image. YES… your wedding photos are touched up! Each and every one!!!


Do I have to buy a meal for you at the reception?

For packages that include coverage during/past your dinner reception, please be sure to include 2 in the dinner reception (photographer and assistant).

This does not have be your reception dinner. This can include hamburger/club house/fries from the room service menu. As well, we prefer to have a seat/table off to the side so we have a place for our equipment.

As well, we will be getting up and running around to catch kissing/events/speeches/etc during the dinner!


Can I get a better price on your wedding packages? Do you negotiate your rates?

Our prices are the same for everybody. How would you feel if you booked us for your wedding only to find out a week later that I discounted the same package to another bride because she asked for a discount? To treat everybody fairly, our prices are set and we do not negotiate the rate.


I found another photographer in your area that offers a “better package” than you do. Can you match their offer?

The most important thing for you is to find a photographer who’s work you love and connect with! There are lots of different photographers with prices and packages for everybody’s budget. You need to find the right one for you! We feel we offer the best photography services for the best prices here in the Leicester. Our work is compared with photographers that charge twice as much as we do and offer the same product. Our style is young and trendy!


How does a typical wedding day unfold?

We will be sending you a Wedding Planning worksheet after booking us to help you organize and line up your wedding day. Here is how we recommend your wedding day flows. Remember… this is just a sample

1. Photographer will arrive during the Bridal makeup session and capture some of the natural moments.

2. After makeup, will have a small bridal session (alone and with bridesmaids)


3. If guests are there we will cover photos with them too if time allows. (Note if Groom is there in the same hotel we will capture some shots of Groom's preparation) - will have a detailed discussion with the client regarding that.


4. Ceremony photos and photos with guests. I will do some couple shots there if there is a nice garden or scenery near to Church/Registrar’s office


5. Entire covering of reception - till first dance - again includes couple photos and photos of guests.